(8) Spec Grade LED 600w Type 4 Distribution
Replaced: (16) 1000w Metal Halide 32 Ft. Pole Fixtures


Only 50% of the original fixtures were required to retrofit this tennis court resulting in a coinciding opportunity to complete this project.

High Efficiency (8) LED fixtures were used to replace existing (16) 1000w metal halide -Dual Head fixtures. Tennis courts originally outfitted with Metal Halide and or sodium lighting presents a particularly difficult challenge for the end user due to warm up time and premature shut-off due to time clock automated shut-off. The end result, with the old technology, is a tennis court that can “go dark “in the middle of a tennis match, then requiring cool off time before the lighting system will turn back on, followed by a warm up time for the lighting to go back to full lumen output. With High Efficiency LED Area lights, a tennis court can be, custom designed for competitive or recreational play and illuminated at full output upon turning on the power. Further, given the directional nature of LED lighting, our tennis court projects are lit “corner to corner” insuring that during competitive or recreational play, a ball traveling at high speeds across any part of the court can be tracked – and the rest is up to the player!


Annual kWh Savings: 33,968 kWh
Demand Savings: 12.35 kW
Lifecycle: 100,000 Hours
RR: 34.0%
*NPV (over 20yr life): $91,100
*Simple Payback: 2.85 yrs.
*Estimated Annual Savings: $6,114

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