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ECO takes a unique, comprehensive, approach to implementing energy efficiency, conservation, and infrastructure management across a broad base of systems, buildings, and infrastructure.

ECO leverages its technical management and energy project design build (implementation) experience, in collaboration with sub-contract teams, to deliver project performance, coordinate high quality project scoping, cost estimates, pre/post energy project and or construction project financial performance to achieve goals set.

ECO’s project development and management model incorporates a “one stop shop” approach by maximizing business operations and construction management experience to lead an interdisciplinary team of professional experts. ECO, as the team lead, leverages and maintains state trade licenses, certifications, and industry associations to maximize utilization of best practices beneficial to meeting goals.

Maximize Energy Renewables! Consider installation of high efficiency LED lighting.

EV Charger Installation

Already purchased your EV charger equipment? Let us install it!

PV Solar Battery Storage Installation

Store energy from generated by your PV solar, Use that energy during peak hours, protect essential circuits during power outages. Experience Grid independence when it matters the most.

Solar PV Commercial Carports

We install PV Modules and inverters on existing/newly constructed steel rooftop and carport canopy rooftop. Please also call us to perform wire management following PV Solar panel installation on solar projects. Commercial projects preferred.

No matter the scope of the work, we have the energy conservation solution for you. Get in touch with us for a custom project quote today.

Site Visit & Project Scoping

  • System Information
  • Baseline Data
  • Collection/Need Assessment

Energy Management Interdisciplinary Proposal Development MEP

  • Project Modeling Design
  • Construction Strategy
  • Technology Specifcation
  • Financial Investment and Performance Plan

Best Practice Implementation Plan Development

  • Budgeting / Bidding Selection
  • Funding Allocation
  • Project Management
  • Project Fulfillment

Project Implementation

  • Design
  • Construct
  • Install
  • Retrofit
  • Commission
  • Acceptance Test Report
  • Complete On Time
  • On Budget

Project Completion & Post Completion Oversight

  • Monitor
  • Measure & Verify System Performance
  • Management
  • Project Closeout
  • Financial Benefit
  • Verification
Certified: WMBE | DBE | SBE | LIABE | VSBE | SB

Services Offered

  • Provide direct leadership for coordination and management of energy project design/build and project results.
  • Oversee comprehensive building envelop (facility) audits to include electric loads, mechanical loads, water distribution systems.
  • Review and Guide Mechanical and Operating Systems Efficiency Evaluations
  • Develop EV Charger design and installation plans.
  • Develop PV Solar Battery Storage design and installation plans.
  • Install PV Solar Array with Inverter and electric monitoring systems
  • Oversee Preparation of Custom Energy Project Financial Analysis
  • Oversee and Develop comprehensive energy upgrade planning report(s) and financial performance (feasibility) studies to confirm best rate of return for energy project investment
  • Develop long term measurement and verification strategy to support long term benefits of investment
  • Oversee project implementation: estimates, invoicing, change orders, work orders, purchasing,staffing, purchasing, status reporting, billing, and expense management.
  • Oversee subcontractor project service delivery, quality control and Title 24 compliance.

Client List Includes:

City of Oakland
City of Richmond
City of El Cerrito
City of San Pedro
City of Berkeley
Cities of Oakland, Richmond, El Cerrito, San Pablo, Berkeley – Lighting, Controls & Water Distribution Device Upgrades Interior & Exterior and Residential and Commercial Weatherization & Water Device: All City Offices, Maintenance Facilities, Water Treatment Plant, Public Safety (Fire Stations), Libraries, Parks & Rec, Day Care City Hall, and Utility Operations.
Caltrans – Multi building, Toll Plaza facility energy upgrades related to electrical systems and water, distribution devices.
Peralta College – Multi building, entire campus, energy upgrades, maintenance and repair related, electrical systems.
West Contra Costa
West Contra Costa, Marin and Gilroy School District – LED lighting, solar installation, panel repairs/installations and solar system maintenance/troubleshoot.
Alameda Municipal Power
Alameda Municipal Power (AMP) – Work in cooperation with 3rd party government administrator to facilitate the launch of energy efficient lighting measures both public and private entities.
Alameda Municipal Power
Alameda County Community Development Agency – Residential Energy Upgrades low to moderate income households; insulation, electrical, heating & cooling systems, water heating, weatherization, home air quality improvement, window replacement attic ventilation.
Alameda Municipal Power
City of Oakland Healthy Homes – Electrification, electrical service upgrades, energy efficiency measures and electrical repair services.
Energy Conservation Options (ECO) is an independent, woman-owned and trade-licensed firm offering commercial and industrial energy management and implementation services. CA LIC 948946 (General B/C10 Electrical)



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