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Typical Classroom: (16) 8ft pendant fixtures 44w Linmore Light Bar w/dimmable Driver and EnOcean wireless dimmer wall switch & Module
Replaced: (16) Four Lamp 32w T8 w/Electronic Ballast


This LED lighting upgrade project presented the challenge often found with indirect, non-dimming, up-light from a

suspended pendant lighting system. The ability to provide enough lighting to “bounce off” of the ceiling and result in a 30-foot candle minimum requires at least four times the power as compared to the High Efficiency LED light bars. Further, the cost of rewiring the system to offer dimmability is often a “no go” due to the cost and impact on payback. The project turned out a winner on all accounts with the use of the Linmore product, coupled with the EnOcean dimming module and wireless decora switch, powered by kinetic energy, this elementary school – classroom are fully dimmable and beautifully lit – with a 100,000 lifecycle, these lights will run optimally, with little to no maintenance until the children now attending school there graduate college!


Annual kWh Savings:115,286 kWh
Demand Savings:41.92 kW
Lifecycle:100,000 Hours
*NPV (over 20yr life): $452,955
*Simple Payback:1.72 yrs.
*Estimated Annual Savings:$17,625

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